Who is the programme for?


The Atelier for Young Festival and Cultural Managers addresses early career artistic directors, programmers and curators working for art and cultural organisations or festivals, as well as those working in a programme related cultural department and cultural policy. Also those who have ambitions to get involved in cultural programming in festivals, cultural venues, government institutions and creative economies are welcome to apply. Participants will leave the Atelier with extended programming skills, a broad new personal and professional network, and inspiration for new (collaboration) projects.

Participants will have the chance to compare their views with colleagues from all over the world and from various cultural and professional contexts and backgrounds and analyse it in view of the local context of Shanghai. What is the relationship between traditional and contemporary art in China and in each of the participants’ own countries? To what extent is this reflected in festival management concepts? To what extent do political and social developments have an influence on artistic programming? What are the similarities and differences to other contexts?