Hybrid format

Hybrid format of the Atelier

The safety of our participants is our first priority. We of course took into account all measure in place in Germany at the moment of the Atelier to guarantee safety of all participants:

  • We provided daily testing
  • We followed regulations as to how many people could be in a space physically
  • We offered an outside tent for plenary sessions (whenever convenient)
  • We safely organized meals
  • Wearing of masks
  • Physical distancing

Please check your information at your respective embassies for regulations related to traveling into Germany and possible quarantine measures, also take into account regulations if you have a transit stop during your travel. We recommend direct traveling into Germany if possible.

Please note that the format of the Atelier might still change in the future, in case local restrictions, regulations and guidelines in Germany change, as those are higher powers. Therefore, we emphasise that if making travel reservations and purchases related to the Atelier, please make sure to include insurances and all possible flexibilities since The Festival Academy will in no way be considered responsible for any potential loss caused due to possible changes in these local restrictions and regulations.

Practical measures for those joining from Düsseldorf

  • We had a screen from which participants who were with us in Düsseldorf could follow global online panel conversations
  • You needed to bring a laptop for some of the online working groups you joined from your own laptop (if you don’t have a laptop, please inform us and we will see if we can provide one)
  • We had a curated artistic programme related to the physical and digital programming of the Festival Theater der Welt
  • We would provide a confirmation of your hotel reservation if you need it
  • We provided an official invitation to the atelier in case you needed this to book your travel or to obtain a Visa

For those who were joining online

  • We had global online sessions on average between 12:00 – 18:00 pm CEST/ Düsseldorf time to bridge global time zones.
  • We had regional working groups at different times accommodating specific time zones
  • We had a curated online programme related to the digital programming of the festival Theater der Welt
  • We organized dynamic sessions such as Zoom walks so you could experience Düsseldorf and the festival from your home
  • You would be invited to do Zoom walks as well if you wished in your own location to show us something of your physical context
  • You needed a good internet connection to join the sessions, please let us know beforehand if you have connection issues regularly, so we can see if we can help with making sure you have a good connection.