“Young” in the Atelier title refers first of all to the festival managers being “young in the festival business”. The participants represent a broad diversity of cultural and professional backgrounds – from students in arts management to young managers working for large established organisations, to emerging curators running their own innovative international festivals. They all share the desire to implement excellent artistic festivals.

Photo credit: John Stathis / 2023 Eleusis European Capital of Culture

Gathering creative minds for bridging connections across the globe

Our Atelier will gather up to 35 festival managers coming from all over the world who are interested in the artistic and social aspects of festival management.

Participants are early career festival managers coming from all over the world and working for art organisations or festivals, and who are interested in the artistic aspects of festival management. 

The Atelier upskills and informs participants about the state of play of the world today and offers a time out to reflect critically on the role of festivals in today’s world, infused by people of different backgrounds and perspectives who can challenge and provoke our thinking or the way we do things.

Participants will have the chance to share their experiences with colleagues from various cultural and professional contexts whilst encouraging a global discussion about the social and political role of festivals and festivals-makers, as well as how these views reflect upon the local context of the Atelier and their own festivals. 

Once the Atelier is over, all participants have the opportunity to connect to a diverse global network that currently features more than 880 alumni and 290 festival/cross-sector experts, from 100+ countreis, who have the potential to inspire participants for new collaborative projects.

If you would like to participate in this unique and inspiring opportunity, apply now.