Atelier Gothenburg 2018

The 14th edition of the Festival Academy’s Atelier for Young Festival Managers took take place from 23 - 29 August 2018 in Gothenburg, Swedenand was hosted by and co-organised with Kultur i Väst (the cultural administration of the region Västra Götaland), in collaboration with Sweden Festivals.

Gothenburg City


29 selected participants from 23 different countries and regions and all continents took part in this 7-day training programme. 

The Festival Academy brought together a group of young and experienced festival leaders, cultural activists and refugee artists together in Gothenburg to have a global conversation about today’s challenges and the role art and culture can play in these. 

The programme focused on topics raised by the young festival managers and tackles issues as artistic vision, accessibility, sustainability and fundraising, technology, and the role of festivals in a society in transition, guided by outstanding festival and cultural leaders and activists from across the globe.  

Have a look still at our diverse group of presenters here and find out more about the programme here