Each Atelier for Young Festival Managers is characterised by a different host city, its festivals and cultural life. The 18th edition will take place in Kampala, Uganda and participants will get to know the many facets of the city through local cultural players, artists and political representatives. Sessions will take place at various venues connected to the local community, hence the cultural life and context of the city will be experienced and analysed as part of the training programme.

Host and co-organiser

18th edition of Atelier for Young Festival Managers is co-hosted with Bayimba Festival and Foundation.

Bayimba is a multiple-branched organization that focuses on uplifting arts and culture in Uganda through cultural exchange and creativity. Hosting high quality arts festivals, offer training and workshops for aspiring artists, and facilitate creative development Bayimba is unique in its multidisciplinary approach combined with its engaging efforts to “explore and experience”. Bayimba takes credit for having established the Bayimba Festivals as important benchmarks for the consumption of Uganda’s finest arts. Every season, Bayimba travel along a number of towns in Uganda that host the one-day Bayimba Regional Festivals and climax the season with the internationally acclaimed Bayimba International Festival of the Arts.