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The Atelier for Young Festival Managers is hosted by Meraner Musikwochen / Settimane Musicali Meranesi and organised in collaboration with Italiafestival.

Kurhaus, Merano during the Meraner Musikwochen / Settimane Musicali Meranesi

The host

Meraner Musikwochen / Settimane Musicali Meranesi was founded in 1986 by Hermann Schnitzer and Andreas Cappello on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Merano as a spa resort. Since then the festival has developed into one of the most important events in the Alps, and remains under the same artistic management. More than 10,000 visitors every year come to listen to top orchestras from around the world play in a broad programme of classical concerts in the beautiful neoclassical Kurhaus. The festival is one of the most important classical music festivals in Europe. Since its early days this festival has hosted the most amazing orchestras and chamber music ensembles on the scene. The very generous programme includes not only a variety of symphonic and chamber music concerts, but also music from different styles and genres, and a large number of jazz concerts.

Merano, Italy

Why Merano?

Merano (approx. 38.000 inhabitants) lies in the heart of the region of South Tyrol on the southern side of the Alps. Due to its location, this multicultural city is considered as the gateway to the south of Europe, as well as a meeting place between different cultures. The mixture of Germanic and Italian culture has also led to a specific local cuisine characterized by both Mediterranean and Alpine traditions. Merano is deeply attached to the region’s customs, traditions and rich cultural heritage, but in one day you can swing from Castles, manors and mountain churches to contemporary architecture and museums within those historic walls.

In the past, the town has been a popular place of residence for several scientists, literary people, and artists, including Franz Kafka, Ezra Pound, Stefan Zweig and Paul Lazarsfeld. Nowadays the town still attracts people from all over the world for its beautiful surroundings, historical centre and the rich cultural life, with of course amongst others the Meraner Musikwochen / Settimane Musicali Meranesi! Small town, great minds, which creates the perfect setting and atmosphere for an intense get-together of 7 days of the Atelier for Young Festivals Managers, in the Kurhaus, the Thermae, the City Theater and many more inspiring places! 

In collaboration with Italiafestival

The only existing national network of arts festivals in Italy is a selected circle of performing arts festivals which not only contribute to the international image of "cultural Italy" but also co-operate in order to develop quality (cultural) tourism by the methods of common promotion and communication. This association has been an EFA member since 2001.