Application, Selection, Fees & Funding

Application & Selection Procedure

The Festival Academy selected 30 participants for the 7-day programme of Atelier Montreal 2022.

Selection criteria

Good to know: 

  • There is no age limit, but it may be interesting to know that the average age of Atelier participants (from the experience of past editions) is 35
  • Excellent knowledge of English is required (the working language of the Atelier)
  • We encourage people from all parts of the world to apply, even with the current circumstances related to travel; The Festival Academy will work towards making the Atelier possible and accessible for all selected applicants

Applicants must:

  • be supported by a festival, a cultural venue or another initiative in the cultural sector; or
  • be supported by a training/academic institute (study module); or
  • provide proof of future employment in the field; or
  • demonstrate strong personal arguments and motives.

Participants must:

  • deal with one or more artistic disciplines within a festival; or
  • have basic practical knowledge in festival operation; or
  • demonstrate the ambition to deepen their skills in the field of programming or in a department closely related to it; or
  • prove that a study course (already completed or due to be completed) is in line with the Atelier; or
  • give evidence of their ambition to work in the festival business or cultural field.

Course fee

The fee includes accommodation for seven nights, registration, working documents, access to all sessions, meals and drinks, receptions, local transport, cultural and artistic programme, and follow–up activities.

  • Full course fee: €2100 
  • Reduced course fee for EFA member festivals:  €1600

Following selection, Atelier participants will receive a request of payment for the full amount, with a request to pay an advance sum of 300 Euro (non-refundable) within 10 days of receiving the selection letter. The remaining 1800 Euro (for non-EFA members) or 1300 Euro (for individual EFA members) has to be paid as indicated on the request of payment.

Please ensure that The Festival Academy receives the contribution net. The participant is in charge of bank costs related to international payment. Travel expenses and insurance are the responsibility of the participant. 

The Festival Academy will assist as much as possible with visa issues and other permissions in preparation for the Atelier.

Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities for a training programme such as the Atelier are numerous at local/national level. 

The Festival Academy advises applicants to start researching funding opportunities at national and international levels from the moment they apply. You can have a look at general information and previous examples of participants’ funding and funding institutes here.

IETM has published a guide as well on their website to funding opportunities for arts and culture. 


The Festival Academy has formed long-term partnerships with the following organisations to support prospective participants:

  • Belgian festival managers who work for an organisation that belongs to PC304 can use the sectoral training grant from ‘Sociaal Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten’ to fund part of their participation in the Atelier. For more information visit or contact Christa Criel at
  • Two festival managers working in the Arab Region can receive support in the framework of the partnership between The Arab Fund for Arts & Culture (AFAC) and The Festival Academy (an initiative of the European Festivals Association) to give more festival managers from the Arab region the chance to participate in the Ateliers for Young Festival Managers. Please find here the list of countries that are eligible to apply. You need to be a citizen of one of the listed countries or regions but you need not necessarily reside or be employed there to be eligible. The applications will be evaluated by an expert from both AFAC and The Festival Academy.  
  • Two selected South-Korean participants can be considered for support by the Korean Arts Council. For more information about the Council, please click here.