Atelier Nicosia 2022

We invite you to join this unique opportunity to exchange ideas with festival managers from all over the world! Organised in partnership with Home For Cooperation through the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, you can be part of this 7-day programme where you will meet festival makers from across the globe and reflect upon the role of festivals in the aftermath of conflict.


Festival makers from conflict regions such as (but not limited to) Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Cyprus, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Yemen, Kurdistan, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Brazil, Argentina, Haiti and Mali were invited to apply.

17 selected applicants had their participation fee and international travel costs covered.

Organized in partnership with the Home for Cooperation through the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival, The Festival Academy proudly hosted emerging festival makers, cultural experts, artists, cultural activists, and cross-sector experts for the 20th edition of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers. 

The Atelier took place in Nicosia from 7 to 13 October, 2022

The Atelierbrought together 30 young festival managers from all over the world to spend 7 days with a group of young and experienced festival leaders, cultural activists, cross-sector experts, and artists in Nicosia during the Buffer Fringe Festival 2022, and to engage in a global conversation about today’s challenges regarding festivals, the role of art and culture in communities and contested spaces, amongst other topics. The Atelier offers an opportunity to explore how festivals can become spaces for exploring global issues and reflect upon the role that festivals play within areas marked by conflict. We explored how festivals embody the possibility for fostering spaces for intergenerational dialogue as well as change through culture. 

Mentors and guest speakers go beyond their role as lecturers and act as true mentors who will provide insightful feedback regarding the participant’s current professional stage. They also shared their experiences and showcase how success and failure can incite growth.

Watch some aftermovies of previous Ateliers to find out what the Atelier is all about!