The Festival Academy presents its new online activity format: a series of conversations focusing on different countries and regions in need of international support. The conversations aim to raise awareness and knowledge about the current arts and culture sector situation and how it is impacted by their current political and economic conditions.

This Lebanon session fits in a series of focuses on ‘news hotspots’, particularly places from which participants have been drawn, or which have hosted Ateliers.  These places are no longer simply news items, but places of belonging for individuals who have become friends to others, and so are of concern and interest to participants.  We’re also increasingly developing a sense among participants that festivals are not islands, either regionally or nationally, and are both affected by, and affect/reflect global themes.

The first hotspot focused on Lebanon and its region, an urgent highlight that gives us the opportunity to understand in depth what is happening in these countries and to build bridges and strategies for enhancing international cooperation.

The purpose of this session was to:

  1. provide first-hand information from people who live there about the general situation and impact of the blast
  2. provide first-hand information about the impact of the blast/general situation on the arts/festival sector
  3. provide an opportunity for people from other countries to ask questions and to be better informed
  4. talk about how the broader arts community can act in solidarity with the Lebanese arts sector


Hotspot Lebanon and Region happened online on 4th September from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm (CEST/Brussels Time).

The hotspots are online sessions that happen via video call softwares. Invitations to the sessions are sent to selected participants after their registration.

Please note that these activities are held in English.