The programme is addressed at emerging festival managers or those who have ambitions to get inputs on festivals and social cohesion. Participants broaden their professional skills, widen their horizons, and develop new project ideas under the professional guidance of renowned festival managers from all over the world who share their rich experience and guide participants throughout the 2 to 3 days.


In societies that are deeply divided by inequality, ethnicity, religious belief and other factors, festivals are increasingly being called upon to play broader social roles, rather than simply provide platforms for artistic expression.  This is both because of the changes that societies are undergoing and because of pressure from public funding agencies whose mandate includes the integration of marginalised communities and individuals into the broader society.  

Is this a fair burden to place on Festivals?  Can festivals contribute to social cohesion, and if so, how might they go about doing this?  What are the challenges in playing a role to facilitate social cohesion?  What are the opportunities that this presents?


The series of Online Training consists of four sessions, each of them including two to three days of training (4-6h/day) and an optional social networking moment on Friday after the training. 

Each one of the four online training will happen during two or three days per month and with on average four to six hours of activities per day. Trainings will be topic-based, focusing on different themes:

  1. Contemporary Festival Business Models - 23-24 September/completed
  2. Festivals and the Mitigation of Climate Change - 21-22 October
  3. Curating Online Festivals - 24-25 November
  4. Festivals and Social Cohesion - 15-17 December (Extra day added!)

Each session will include:

  • Training sessions  – Two days of plenary sessions per training, each day consisting of an approx. 4-hour long session with a break in between
  • Networking – Break-out groups of 5-6 people for socialising and connecting
  • DJ sessions – An optional online party on Friday after the training with guest DJs from different world regions
  • Taking into account different time zones: the plenary sessions will be scheduled - and some of them recorded - so people can see it at different times

Participants will be guided by experts from a wide geographical, social, inter-disciplinary as well as cross-sectorial range (experts from foundations, social movements, etc) to collect a range of different experiences and strategies.