The programme was addressed at emerging festival managers or those who have ambitions to get involved in curating festivals. Participants broadened their professional skills, widened their horizons, and developed new project ideas under the professional guidance of renowned festival managers from all over the world who shared their rich experience and guided participants throughout the 2 sessions.


Starting from a proposition about our new shared reality – the widening inequality gap everywhere around the world -  two main questions will be on the table: 

  • How does this new shared reality change narrative and goals of arts programming?

  • Facing the possibility of economic decline and a more precarious situation for arts funding, which strategies should we focus on more?


This Online Training consisted of two sessions, in different times of the day, aiming at engaging participants from all over the world.

Each session included:

  • Plenary discussion
  • Working Group discussions

Participants were guided by experts from a wide geographical, social, inter-disciplinary as well as cross-sectorial range (experts from foundations, social movements, etc) to collect a range of different experiences and strategies.