The 7th edition of the Festival Readings took place in Bari, Italy from 19 - 21 May 2017, in collaboration with Fondazione SAT - Teatro Kismet - Teatri di Bari and ItaliaFestival, during the Festival Maggio all'Infanzia. In public lectures and debates 3 high-level festival makers reflected on artistic festival management issues. The Festival Academy and the host were delighted to have the following speakers amongst them for the full three days: Ulrich Fuchs (GE), Nele Hertling (GE) and Gundega Laivina (LV). 

According to the people present, The Festival Readings have been an important opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions on issues of great urgency such as the ecological sustainability of festivals, the relationship between art and city, the link between culture and tourism and the issues of audience development. The great competence and prestige of speakers have allowed all participants to learn and find sources of inspiration.