Festival Readings Sibiu 2014

The Sibiu Festival Readings 2014 were organised in collaboration with the Sibiu Performing Arts Open Market, in association with the Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

In public lectures, high-level festival makers reflect on artistic festival management issues. Participants gain at once professional insights and practical behind-the-scenes experiences. The readings are followed by a debate with the participants. Presenters stay throughout the three days, making a permanent dialogue with participants possible. Additionally, participants visit local and/or international performances that the hosting festival is presenting.


The following issues are explored through lectures, and discussions with the participants:

  • Work with artists, companies, and artistic cores, as experienced by presenters throughout their career.
  • How to give maximum exposure to the meaning of the artistic work. 
  • The influence of festivals on artists’ work and the consequences for their artistic path.
  • Communication, production and budget are discussed to the extent that they are relevant items in the implementation of the artistic programme.