Host cities

The Atelier for Arts and Production Managers 2021 was supposed to take place in Elefsina, Greece, and Beirut, Lebanon but was moved ONLINE due to Covid-19.



Elefsina or Eleusis is a town of 30,000 inhabitants, located 20km away from Athens in Greece. Since the late 19th century the city has become Greece’s major industrial center. Nowadays, its sanctuary is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the country. The town has a great cultural heritage including festivals, folklore associations from all parts of Greece, many artists of the city, which form its modern cultural history.

The European Commission declared it will become the European Capital of Culture in the year 2021 following Novisad in Serbia and Timisoara in Romania. It is the fourth city to win this title and the year 2021 is important as it coincides with the 200 years from the Greek Revolution which led to the establishment of the Greek State. Due to COVID-19, it was declared the European Capital of Culture in the year 2023. The main idea of the Eleusis program is summarized in the phrase «Transition to EUphoria». The challenge of sustainability is major in this artistic program, nourished by the belief that art and culture are the “keys” to building a sustainable future. It is inspired by the Eu-Transition-Eleusis triptych, and seeks to answer the question: What would a city be like if art and culture were at the heart of every human activity? Both Eleusis and Europe are invited to revive the concept of “EU” in daily life, to redefine a model of sustainability in order to proceed towards the future with optimism. The proposal of Eleusis focused on the question of sustainable development at social, environmental and economic/labour level: Eleusis becomes a laboratory to rethink the content and meaning of sustainable development. These three categories correspond to the three main themes of our programme: EUrbanization for the social challenges, The EU Working Classes for the economic/labour challenges and EUnvironment for the environmental challenges. The Festival Academy is one of ELEVSIS 2023'S strategic partners for the Culture 2030 programme that is focusing on the capacity building of the professionals of the cultural field.

2023 ELEVSIS European Capital of Culture: Fostering and development of the tangible and intangible Economy of the city through culture and research.

Elevsis is the fourth European Capital of Culture hosted in Greece. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of the city, 2023 ELEVSIS forms a comprehensive artistic, research and educational program, under the title “MYSTERIES of TRANSITION”, moving in four strategic areas: Culture, People, City and Environment. Accordingly there are three distinct and interconnected central themes of the programme: People / Society, Environment and Labor, reflecting the unique features of the city and the contemporary challenges both Elevsis and Europe are facing.



Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, is a cultural dynamo. An overwhelming number of cultural events such as artistic workshops, theatre plays, concerts and exhibitions of all kinds are presented to the public on a regular basis. In Beirut, art can be found everywhere, as more than 5000 artists are active in the city.

"I hope you have witnessed how Beirut is vibrant. Live Love Lebanon. We have to live our life, love our country and open our mind, to reach the other. You will find this in every festival here, despite the very black context we have in the Middle East, despite everything that is happening here in Lebanon." Nada Sardouk, Director General Ministry of Tourism