30 Arts and production managers from Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Morocco, Palestine, Serbia, Tunisia and Turkey will take part in this unique training programme, and have recently completed the first part of the training. Due to Covid-19, the start of the training was postponed to 24-28 February 2021 (and moved online) and the final part of the training was moved to 28-30 November 2022.

The Atelier starts from the very essence of festivals - the arts, the artist and the audience - and all issues tackled during the training in one way or another relate to this essence, why we are doing what we are doing, for who and with who. It also addresses the ‘how’ we do things which relates more to the production side of a festival or art event.

Each training organised by The Festival Academy is tailor-made based on the needs of the specific group taking part in the programme based on the analysis of the expectations of the selected participants. It focuses on the topics and issues formulated in the participants' application forms which are further developed and elaborated during the Atelier and relates to the context where the Atelier takes place, as such each Atelier is different. 

This format allows participants to discuss the topics they are concerned with from a multitude of perspectives, both in terms of role (producer/curator) as in terms of region. There will be plenary as well as specific sessions more focused on either the production or artistic side, and one-on-one mentoring to answer the needs of all participants. At the same time the training also focuses on the relation between the artistic and production side.

The Atelier offers an open space and co-creates the programme with its participants and experts. It facilitates out of the box encounters and offers a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and new perspectives. Moreover, The Atelier offers time and space for imagining new collaborations with people coming from very different backgrounds, based on solidarity and incorporating fundamental universal values. 

You can find the full Atelier Guide for Module I here

You can find the full Atelier Guide for Module III here