450 young festival leaders from 67 countries worldwide

“The Alumni Network is the heart of our organisation, because it’s all about them – the people – and the things they can imagine and realise together,” Inge Ceustermans, Managing Director The Festival Academy

Legacy and impact

The Festival Academy aims to sustain and further develop the Academy Alumni Network that unites the participants from the Ateliers for Young Festival Managers, the Festival Production Management Trainings and the Festival Readings. Today, it includes 450 young festival leaders from 67 countries worldwide. 

The Alumni Network ensures sustainability beyond the training formats. It allows young festival managers to connect to participants and presenters from other training programmes, and supports them in their personal and professional development. The Alumni Network is continuously growing with each training edition. The aim is to allow for extended cooperation, networking and career opportunities. 

Atelier Edinburgh 2014 (photo by Clark James)


Activities of the Network are developed in collaboration with Alumni themselves. Activities include Alumni meetings in the framework of trainings of The Festival Academy and events of the European Festivals Association (EFA); online exchanges via social networks and online exchange platforms; information updates through newsletters; and access to materials, speeches, presentations and knowledge shared during the respective trainings.

The Alumni are involved in the further development of The Festival Academy and its network by engaging them in EFA activities, the Board of TFA and Alumni Network meetings. They identify the key elements that the Alumni Network should address, and give feedback on the training formats, as well as on new training formats and activities The Festival Academy is developing.

Atelier Gwangju 2015 (photo by GabJoo,Ahn)

Upcoming Alumni Meeting

Invitation for the EFFE Meetup – 4 May – EFA Arts Festivals Summit in Wiesbaden (DE)

The European Festivals Association (EFA) and The Festival Academy are delighted to invite all alumni on 4 May 2017 to Wiesbaden (Germany) in the framework of EFA’s Arts Festivals Summit, hosted by the Rheingau Musik Festival. The 4th of May is fully dedicated to the EFFE Meetup and offers a day of intense knowledge exchange. EFFE stands for Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe, the quality label for European Festivals.

This Meetup will bring together 250 festival makers including the EFFE Label recipients, the EFFE Hubs, the International Jury, the members of the European Festivals Association as well as its Alumni of The Festival Academy training programmes.

This inspiring day starts with a series of 25 parallel one-on-one conversations with partners that give useful insights and new perspectives to festival makers. Some of your colleague alumni will be leading these sessions. The day will also offer contact opportunities with peers and partners that help improve the artistic as well as organizational opportunities for participants. As a highlight, the day will celebrate the official announcement of the Label 2017-2018 recipients and short list for the EFFE Awards 2017-2018 in the presence of the EFFE International Jury President Sir Jonathan Mills and the European Commission. In the evening you can decide to join us for a concert in the Alte Oper Frankfurt (paid activity, upon availability).

  • The day programme is free of charge, but save the date and register here!
  • You will find the detailed programme of 4 May through the link here above. 
  • Please contact us on info@thefestivalacademy.eu for more information. 
Premshay Hermon, Alumnus Atelier Ljubljana 2012, at the EFA General Assembly 2014 in Sarajevo