Festivals for Solidarity

We are following what is happening all over the world related to Covid-19 and the impact it has on artists, the arts and the cultural field and life in general everywhere. Many artists, festival and arts organisers by now had to cancel events, festivals, performances etc and it seems that this unprecedented crisis will have further effect on all our activities for the upcoming months.

At the same time, we see proposals for solidarity arising as well as new initiatives and online festivals. We are all in this together: artists, festivals, staff, arts organisations, audiences, sponsors, funders etc.

We share here initiatives our alumni and festival colleagues are developing as a response, as proposals for solidarity or as strategies on how to deal with this situation of the Covid-19 epidemic.

If you would like to share any initiatives, feel free to contact us at info@thefestivalacademy.eu

We continue our work, which is needed as ever, together with you!


The initiative is to launch concerts via internet live streaming.

Many artists are willing to participate in this initiative, which was named "Qantara"

Qantara is a program in partnerships with artists and cultural institutions in Egypt during the current pause of cultural activities due to the Coronavirus.

Qantara in the Arabic language is the bridge that we wish to pass safely through all of the moments and difficult days that we go through together, for other happy days after the end of this epidemic.

Artists and bands:

  • Massar Egbari
  • Hawas
  • Meshwar
  • Amr Galal
  • Egypador
  • Rokam
  • Hageen

The Qantara team will announce the rest of the participants soon, as they are continuing to receive requests to participate in their initiative.

Have a look at their page to know more about the initiative.

QANTARA Platform

Artists in Quarantine

Due to the corona virus many artists are stuck in quarantine zones, not being able to travel, to do their jobs, to earn a living. Jakob Lohmann created a Facebook group which aims to create a community of artists in such situation to help each other through this period.

This initiative was started after the Corona Virus forced Italy to close off the entire region of Lombardia. 
Many artists are struggling under the Virus as they lose access to their studios, as exhibitions and shows are being canceled, as theatres stay closed. Especially for self-employed artists the consequences very quickly result in a financially existential threat. People are finding creative ways to deal with the individual situations they are in, they make the best of it.

"With this initiative I want to shine a light onto these people and to tell their stories." Jakob Lohmann

You can have a look at the Facebook page here and you can support these artists through sharing the page, liking their posts, as well as through donations to the artists themselves. 

The Social Distancing Festival

Nick Green is a playwright in Toronto. On Friday March 13, he became one of many artists to have a production cancelled due to the need for social distancing because of the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

He created a site for celebrating  artists and the work that has been cancelled/delayed/disrupted. So far, submissions have included clips from rehearsals, scenes done with cast-mates over webcam, recordings from previous workshops, design plans, and performers just doing the song they were really excited about singing into their webcam. 

Nick and his team are collecting work to put up on the site, and will be launching a TON of content on Saturday, and then updating regularly.

In the meantime, their Live Streamed Events page is being updated regularly, and Nick will be featuring work throughout the week, as you can see on their Feature Work page!

This is a chance to celebrate the work that Artists didn’t get to share, and enjoy a sense of solidarity and community with fellow artists.

Have a look at the website !

"Keep engaged! Keep creating! You aren’t alone!" Nick Green

The Social Distancing Festival


Teatru Malta is inviting all performing artists to send them a short video (up to 15min long), to allow these artists to share their theatrical work through the platform in this time of Covid-19 unstable environment. It can be a group or individual video.

Here are some possibilities (but not limited to!) 

  • A theatrical performance, mime, skit or storytelling
  • A poetry reading or a series of haiku
  • An interactive community dance theatre piece with your family (pets welcome too)
  • An original musical theatre performance with instruments and home appliances

The team will choose the ideas they believe can become the best possible videos. Teatru Malta will then pay €100 to each performer/artist involved in the making, upon receipt of invoice. 

Applications started being received as of Friday the 13th and will close on March 20th at noon. All the short-listed selected videos will be posted on Teatru Malta’s facebook page. Their FOUR favourite videos will then be posted on World Theatre Day, on the 27th March 2020

The video should be sent to Teatru Malta and will be uploaded exclusively by the team, the creative property of the video will remain of the artists. 

Applications with the below details should be sent to: contact@teatrumalta.org.mt

You can have a look at their website here!

Teatru Malta


Festival of International Student Theatre (FIST) is created in 2005, at the initiative of the students of Management and Production of Theatre, Radio and Culture at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Organized by students, FIST’s mission is to create an environment that brings together young theatre enthusiasts and gives them a platform to talk about their experiences and show their skills, as well as to present different theatrical practices of students from all around the world.

The fifteenth edition of FIST will is being held from march 14th to march 20th 2020, only this year it is arriving in digital environment.

Given the current social situation on a global level, previously planned activities of the Festival of International Student Theatre (FIST) are taking place online. The Festival was originally supposed to gather 11 academies from all Europe in different theatres in Belgrade, but having in mind the recent social events, we are moving its activities to web.

The new conception of the Festival does not include the arrival of the troupes from abroad anymore, though it is including and presenting them with an innovative, contemporary and interactive way. Previous conception and form of the Festival are adapted and moved to online environment, that way the troupes from abroad have the chance to participate via live stream or by broadcasting the videos of their plays as a part of main program. 

Have a look at their website here! Here is also a link to their manifest.


GIFT 2020

GIFT 2020 will still be going ahead between 1st - 3rd May - online, as a digital festival.

The team has developed plans with the artists who were due to be part of the festival in Gateshead this year, to create an online experience in keeping with the spirit of GIFT - with lots of opportunity for connection between artists, audiences and participants. They are celebrating this as a real opportunity for experimentation, and to build on the experiences from their online iteration of GIFT 2015.

They are using this as an opportunity to explore what is possible across a range of open access platforms, and as a way of remaining connected as a community. We also see this as an exciting opportunity to reach new audiences and participants for GIFT globally. 

The team will be making announcements across their social platforms about this imminently.

 GIFT 2020 will include work by a host of really exceptional artists and companies including Tania El Khoury, Action Hero, Greg Wohead, Atresbandes, Luca Rutherford, Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion amongst others.

They have been able to maintain their agreement with the programmed artists and the freelance team who deliver GIFT at this point in time  - at what is obviously a devastating time for the sector.

To be kept up to date with their plans, you can follow them across social media platforms @GIFTfest and also via their website.



The team has decided to launch a festival of live digital performances. An online festival for all the artists to challenge their creativity, to come together on an online platform to "Re-Connect", to network and to bring joy to themselves and their audience.

This Festival is a nonprofit volunteer activity and an invitation to participate in a group to create an alternative space for artists. 

Performances should be designed for Instagram live feature, taking into account the features of this media.

Each performance can be performed by one or more performers. (In one space, or sharing live feed online - of course for health consideration In the current situation, the presence of artists in one space is not recommended.)

The use of classical texts or stage plays is permitted if the texts and performances are based on the online platform. The priority is with works written and designed solely for online performance.

The time limit for each performance is between 15- 2 minutes.

Deadline to apply: 30 March 2020

You can contact them at rcperformancefestival@gmail.com


Last Minute Live Art

Dr Bill Aitchison started an initiative as the collective Last Minute Live Art which is working with people around the world to create interactive 1 to 1 performances that can be given and watched in private apartments. These performances are made in response to the situation of being quarantined as a result of the virus. The performances are made over a video call and that will connect performer and audience. The collective has just organized their first performances which will start next month within the festival programme of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. They are actively looking for performers who are willing to work with them to develop a performance and for opportunities to present this work to a wider public.

Have a look at his website and at his Facebook Page !

Dr Bill Aitchison

Coronavirus: Resources: Arts, Culture and Cultural Mobility

All sectors are affected by the Covid-19 pandemia but we are very much aware that the alternative and independent art scene is / will be particularly under pressure. This list of resources has been compiled by On the Move, in partnership with Circostrada*, as a way to gather information and initiatives internationally (particularly in Europe, Asia and the USA) that can be useful to share, know about and/or be inspired from. 

This list is by no means comprehensive and can be easily enriched thanks to your feedback and proposal to include new resources. Feel free to email them any initiative related to one of the sub-topics below at mobility(at)on-the-move.org 

Have a look at the website here.


NordicBaltic Festival Platform

The NordicBaltic Festival Paltform aims to foster cultural cooperation in the region by enhancing the number and strength of connections as well as the capacity and visibility of festivals in the area. 

The team offers Live streams which are unique opportunities to see a LIVEstreamed performances on the FestivalsOnDemand website. The first one took place on Wednesday, 18.03.2020, from the Plastforma: Forum of Physical Theaters in Minsk, Belarus.

In this time of Quarantine, the team is sharing performing arts online, providing the chance to continue engaging with the regions festivals! Find out more about the production and join the free live stream here - https://festivalsondemand.com/…/welcoming-the-sun-live-fro…/

NordicBaltic Festival Platform

Culture funding watchXRambourg Foundation: International Virtual Conference

Cultural  Funding  Watch in  partnership  with Rambourg  Foundation  have  joined  with  various parties  of  the  Creative  and  Cultural  sector  around the  world  to  gather  their  knowledge  and experiences  of  best practices  in  the field,  to debate and  carry out an  inquiry  by  putting  into profit the technological and digital assets we have to communicate and connect in this time of physical disconnection, through an international virtual conference on March 20th.

International Virtual Conference “Art Emergency Response Mechanisms: what can inspire us for the CC sector?’’

Registration on this link: https://bit.ly/33tOovm

This virtual  space  aims  to  gather  artists,   cultural  workers  and  creatives,  institutional representatives,  fund  initiators  where  they  could  share  their  best  practices  from  previous experiences on how to mobilize funds, exchange their know-how in handling crisis; making a clear  shift  of  our  attention  to  how  we  can  support  artists  and  audiences,  collaborators  and comrades, ideas and work, through present platforms and programs. The idea is to be a step ahead on an organizational level and find out how to best allocate our resources by  asking  the  right  questions. 

Have a look at the Facebook Page here.

International Virtual Conference

Janelas de São Paulo: artistic production in quarantine

The City of São Paulo, together with the Municipal Secretary of Culture, announced on 19 March the launch of a public notice for artistic production on the windows of buildings and houses in the city of São Paulo. The project will include around 8,000 initiatives, has a total budget of R $ 10 million and will cover theater, music and poetry, among other languages. 

Called Janelas de São Paulo, the announcement also contemplates the availability of content produced on a virtual platform, so that residents can view the artistic production at any time. Information on the ceiling for resources allocated to each project, as well as the date on which registration begins, will be released soon, according to the secretariat.

Have a look at the article here.

Janelas de São Paulo

Trickle Up: Original Content From NYC Artists

Helping Those Affected by the COVID-19 Shutdowns.

This platform has been created for independent NYC based artists. It is a subscription based service so artists can continue to create work and upload it to the website and receive some income for it.

"This is an artists helping artists network. If we can get 10,000 subscribers at $10 a month, then every month we can give $10,000 to 10 different artists affected by the Covid-19 cancelations. And every month 10 new artists in need will get $10,000.  If we surpass our goal, more people will get help." (Trickle Up- NYC Artists Network)

Find more information by looking at the website.

Trickle Up NYC Artists Network

Immunity of the Arts - Web Panel

This web panel, initiated by Master Performing Public Space, invites you to join a discussion about the possible impact of the current global health crisis (COVID-19) on artistic and cultural interventions in public space.

What is the state of the arts field right now?
How can the arts adapt to social behavioural changes?
What is the future for public space as a 'shared space for engagement'?

International Speakers:
- Karen Cheung, Head Dance & Performing Arts, West Kowloon Cultural District 西九文化區, China
- Ása Richardsdóttir, Secretary General, IETM Network, Belgium
- Alessandro Carboni, Performer & Researcher, Italy
- Bojana Panevska, Managing Editor & Educator, DutchCulture centre for international cooperation / TransArtists

Moderated by Heleen de Hoon, Head Master Performing Public Space, The Netherlands

Share your thoughts in a post panel Q&A.

Have a look at the Facebook page !

Web Panel: Immunity of the arts

Share your art from home - #CreativeEuropeAtHome

The European Commission asks beneficiaries of the Creative Europe Programme to showcase their art work using #CreativeEuropeAtHome. 

The coronavirus outbreak has had a significant impact on the cultural and creative sector, artists and their audiences alike. Many activities carried out under the Creative Europe Programme cannot take place as planned due to the measures imposed by governments to contain the spread of the virus.

While there is no denial about the gravity of the situation, it is also important to acknowledge and highlight the many positive examples that continue to move forward the cultural and creative life in Europe: movie archives opening up their websites for the public, theaters and musicians livestreaming their performances online, and so on.

With this in mind, the European Commission has launched #CreativeEuropeAtHome – a social media campaign that is running on our Creative Europe accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With this, the European Commission is crowd sourcing the effort to highlight great online cultural activities throughout the Creative Europe community – available to culture lovers currently stuck at home.

The European Commission asks beneficiaries that offer online cultural activities to post about it on social media. The posts should include the dedicated hashtag #CreativeEuropeAtHome and the handle/username of Creative Europe on the platform in question.

To be eligible, an online artistic activity should:

  • Be financed by Creative Europe
  • Be open to the public at large and not limited by geo-blocking or other constraints.

The European Commission will share selected posts that adhere to these criteria on the Creative Europe official accounts. Commissioners Mariya Gabriel and Thierry Breton, will also give visibility on her Twitter account to these activities.

Find more information here.

Creative Europe at Home