14 June 20

The Festival Academy is delighted to announce that 58 participants from 41 countries took part of the Atelier for Solidarity which was organised online from June 14 to June 20, 2020.

Bruna Bayley, Paraná Children's Festival, Brazil

"It was one of the richest experiences of my life, this gift of being among important cultural producers outlining a goal for the future of our area, in fraternity and solidarity! I hope that soon it will be possible to participate in the next editions in person in Belgium, which is a charming country I really liked years ago!"

Mauricio Lomelin, Lincoln Center New-York, USA

“I gained a lot of insight on how others are handling the crisis; I am being left with a lot to reflect on and what my goal is for the near future.” 


Chipo Pasopo Precious, Chipawo Trust, Zimbabwe

“The power of coming together and fight the same storm”

George Mario Attard, Independent, Gozo Island Malta

“A platform where mutually motivated human beings from around the world who are passionate about culture could come together in solidarity to connect and share useful knowledge which could be applied in our respective local contexts to address the issues we face today.”

Jeanne-Renée Lorrain, FestivalTransAmeriques, Canada

“Intensely rich, awakening and decolonizing experience, a call to action and connection that will be fruitful for a long time.”

Joshua Alabi, Kininso Koncepts Productions, Nigeria

"The Atelier was mind shifting, inspirational, and highly motivational which gives me the confidence that my career has reached and widened to a bigger level with new skills acquired. I am very happy."

Lelde Hermane, Dance support foundation "Zvaigznu AkA", Latvia

"This Atelier gave a sense of closeness when it was unavailable, it gave us the opportunity to work together, support each other and get answers to the questions we were so much looking for.”