Testimonies - ATELIER NEXT 2019

13 November 19

The 16th Atelier for Young Festival Managers: Atelier NEXT took place in the Eurometropolis Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai + Valenciennes (BE/FR), and was organised in partnership with and during the International Arts Festival NEXT between 13th and 19th November 2019. It was an opportunity for participants to be immersed during 7 intense days in a global conversation on the role of arts festivals in today’s world.

Antoine Thiolier

"My intention is to revalue the notion of network, which sometimes sounds a little vague. I believe that the artistic community works through elective affinities. These connections come from face-to-face meetings and not from off-ground partnerships. If we want to think big about the problems of our time, we must give ourselves the means to establish affinities on the right scale. This Atelier responds to this challenge."

Megan Pagado Wells

“I'm taking home relationships with other festival managers and professionals and the knowledge that although we are in many different contexts, we are facing the same issues.

Seeing so much passion about the issue of climate change has really reinforced for me that the work my festival and workplace is doing around sustainability and climate change is valid and should be continued, possibly in a more radical way.

I am bringing home the desire to further connect with participants and find ways to continue our relationships and conversations.”

Airan Berg

“It is an opportunity to link up with the next generation festival makers and to also learn from them, to see what kind of new thinks are happening in the world, create new relationships and partnerships with people I might have never met if I had not come here.”

Joanna Broniec

“I did not expect to meet so many people from such different parts of the world. It allowed me to see not only my festival but also my country, my expectations, viewpoints, knowledge and opinions in a completely different perspective. It opened my mind and gave me so much inspiration. I learned a lot on the issues that I'm experiencing and have so many ideas and inspiration on the ways we can work through them.”