Digital (R)Evolution:Digital festivals that worked and festivals that didn’t: Lessons learned

28 April 21

In the framework of our Digital (R)Evolution 2021, you are invited to be part of 3 must-see sessions with festival experts from different countries and continents discussing crucial matters to the arts & festivals community in regard to digitalisation and technology! This session took place on 28 April at 12:00 (CEST).


Festivals that worked and festivals that didn't: Lessons from the digital world, with speakers: 

  • Marion Louisgrand Sylla – Founder and director at Kër Thiossane – Senegal 
  • Natália Machiavelli – Initiator and Director of MIT+ at MITsp – São Paulo International Theatre Festival – Brazil
  • Dharam Saraviya – Vice-president at Brand Solutions, OML Entertainment – India