Atelier Düsseldorf/Theater der Welt: Opening Keynote Panel

16 June 21

In the framework of our Atelier Düsseldorf/Theater der Welt 2021, you are invited to be part of a must-see series of livestreams with inspiring experts from different countries and continents discussing crucial matters to the arts & festivals community! This session took place on 16 June at 16:30 (CEST).

This inspiring panel focuses on ‘‘The role of the arts and festivals in today’s society and the imaginative power of storytelling”:

  • What transformations have we seen over the past year and which transformations do we think are needed for the future, in terms of stories we bring, ethics, models, platforms, audiences and inclusion?
  • What is the impact of and how can we respond to travel bans increasing inequality, as well as the failing international response to regional conflicts and the pandemic crisis in a global perspective?
  • What are collective actions we can imagine and engage in as artists, festival makers and citizens?
  • How can we pool our resources for solidarity actions? • What is the impact of the arts and festivals and how can we make this impact more visible and tangible?

With speakers:

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (NG/US)
  • Shahidul Alam (BD)
  • Emily Johnson (Yup'ik Nation/UK)