Atelier Düsseldorf/Theater der Welt: Festival-making in and beyond a time of COVID-19

17 June 21

In the framework of our Atelier Düsseldorf/Theater der Welt 2021, you are invited to be part of a must-see series of livestreams with inspiring experts from different countries and continents discussing crucial matters to the arts & festivals community! This session took place on 17 June at 12:00 (CEST).

This inspiring panel focuses on "Festival-making in and beyond a time of COVID-19: the good, the bad and the ugly”, reflecting on the last 18 months:

  • What has been good, that we can take with us into the post-COVID future?
  • What has been bad/challenging about our experience, but from which we have learned for the future?
  • What has been so ugly as to not be repeated/explored/further investigated?
  • The pros and cons of physical, online and hybrid festivals
  • How has/does/will the format of the festival impact on:
  • The festival’s vision/mission (what is the rationale for the festival?)
  • The festival’s audience and community (who is the festival for?)
  • The festival’s sustainability (its partners, sponsors/box office income, etc.)
  • The festival’s artists (their creative work, technical skills, income, etc.)
  • The festival’s teams (flexibility, upskilling, etc.)
  • The festival’s tools and technical side: which digital platforms and tools are we using? Some of the existing options are quite high cost; could we pool resources to develop collective platforms and new technologies?

With speakers:

  • Faisal Kiwewa (UG)
  • Natália Machiavelli (BR)
  • Rania Elias (PS)
  • Vigdis Jakobsdottir (IS)