Atelier Düsseldorf/Theater der Welt: Festivals, inequality and international collaboration

18 June 21

In the framework of our Atelier Düsseldorf/Theater der Welt 2021, you are invited to be part of a must-see series of livestreams with inspiring experts from different countries and continents discussing crucial matters to the arts & festivals community! This session took place on 18 June at 12:00 (CEST).

This inspiring panel focuses on "Festivals, inequality and international collaboration”:

  • Which role can festivals play in reducing inequality and enhancing fair international collaboration?
  • What do travel restrictions do to festival programming? How do they impact artists and participants from the Global South?
  • How may we address inequalities with regard to travel, carbon emissions, etc.?
  • How may international collaborations continue in a time of Covid-19 and/or climate change?
  • How to ensure that national and cultural chauvinism are not enhanced/promoted/ reinforced by travel restrictions, and how to ensure the real benefits for those concerned by climate change?
  • Online festivals, data and digital access: how to address the divides?
  • Accessibility and inclusion: how do we deal with these topics in the physical, digital, and hybrid formats? How do we advocate for minority groups from our festivals? Can we advocate through our festivals for racial equity, gender equity, inclusion of newcomers, social inclusion, etc.? 
  • Which solidarity initiatives/new ways of collaboration are emerging?

With speakers:

  • Jan Linders (DE)
  • Kirstin Hess (DE)
  • Mike van Graan (ZA)
  • Diane Ragsdale (CA) 
  • Edima Otuokon (NG)