Atelier Düsseldorf/Theater der Welt: Global reach versus local relevance

20 June 21

In the framework of our Atelier Düsseldorf/Theater der Welt 2021, you are invited to be part of a must-see series of livestreams with inspiring experts from different countries and continents discussing crucial matters to the arts & festivals community! This session took place on 20 June at 12:00 (CEST).

This inspiring panel focuses on "Global reach versus local relevance: festivals in a time of online possibilities” - physical festivals happen in particular geographical locations and have meaning for the local communities; with hybrid and online festivals, the reach of festivals is national/global. What then is the meaning of a festival with regard to:

  • Social impact? 
  • Inclusion? 
  • Diversity? 

How are these expressed/made concrete, if at all? Are there new ways of measuring the social impact of festivals, their impact on mental wellbeing and on community building?

With speakers:

  • Teesa Bahana (NG)
  • Judith Mair (AU)
  • Hooman Nassimi (NL)