Atelier News #3 - “We are led by the artists we choose to serve”

"The third day of the European Atelier for Young Festival Managers started with comments on the previous day’s presentations, with mentors’ impressions on the participants’ ideas and visions. The desire to innovate existing festivals was seen as a positive element, as was the tendency to view audiences as a creative factor. However, the lack of discussions on the importance of creating and developing artists through festivals was noted. Nele Hertling stressed the importance to look at the political context when setting up a festival – the social background of the place in terms of cultural diversity. Bernard Faivre d’Arcier reminded us to consider the evolution of media when thinking about PR campaigns for our festivals: the importance of newspapers as well as TV and radio has declined in the past years and we have to start looking at new ways such as the internet. Rose Fenton pointed out that we live in new environmental order, and sustainability is an important issue to consider when making decisions about our festivals. Huge De Greef advised us to look at the political world not as an enemy but as our partner, although, he joked, that might be a tricky partnership. The session ended in a good spirit with a quotation of a friend of Rose Fenton: “We are led by the artists we choose to serve.” The group split for alternating sessions with our two presenters for the day, Marie-Agnes Sevestre, Director of the Festival des Francophonies en Limousin in France, and Gundega Lavinia, Programme Director of the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus in Latvia. Their inspiring presentations raised many questions and debates. At the end of the sessions many participants felt that they have found answers and practical advice for their own festivals. The afternoon sessions were enriched by the presence of Galin Stoev, Theater Director of Company Fingerprint in Belgium, who provided insights for the most important ingredient in every festival: the artist. This is also what he underlined once again in his inspiring intervention in his evening lecture at the Archeological Museum." Varna, 28 April 2009 By Roumi Petrova, participant from Varna Summer International Music Festival Related news: • Atelier News #7 - The last day is the first day of a new networkAtelier News #6 - Another of the mainly highlights: Robyn Archer and Jonathan Mills at the AtelierAtelier News #5 - Intense work combined with Bulgarian arts and culinary enjoyment Atelier News #4 - In-depth discussions and exchanges at the European AtelierAtelier News #2 - At the crossroads of cultures: the participants of the European AtelierAtelier News #1 - A dynamic start of the European Atelier for Young Festival Managers 2009 For further information please visit the Atelier website or contact EFA at More photos at the Photo Gallery!