The Festival Academy calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

The Festival Academy calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

The Festival Academy believes artists and arts festivals play a crucial role in advocating for freedom of speech, freedom of mobility and the right of every human being to live in peace, justice, dignity and safety, and we advocate for such a world. We condemn harming all civilians, no matter their identity.

Over the past weeks we have seen an escalation of violence which extends over decades and creates unsurmountable suffering for the most vulnerable in society.

We agree with the millions globally in calling for an immediate ceasefire, an immediate, unimpeded entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza, and the restoration of all essential services and an immediate release of all hostages. Only then can we all advance the cause of peace based on international law and equal rights for all.

The Festival Academy provides a space to facilitate dialogue and understanding. Following the session 'Engaging around conflict' at the Atelier-Alumni Reunion that took place on 14 November, we will continue organsing monthly online sessions to which festivals globally are invited. The sessions reflect on the role of arts and festivals in conflict transformation and peacebuilding. This is a space to keep raising awareness about ongoing conflict globally, inform the community through personal stories and encourage solidarity actions within the community

If you are interested to join the sessions, please write to us at