Call for Festivals to Join TFA's Placements Initiative

The Festival Academy is excited to announce the 3rd call of its newest initiative – organised in collaboration with the European Festival Association (EFA).

We are looking for festivals and organisations that would like to offer placements to young festival managers and production officers from The Festival Academy's diverse alumni network and welcome them as part of their teams for a short period of time.

This initiative aims to foster an exchange between TFA’s global festival network and its Alumni community, which consists of more than 1000 participants from 100+ countries who took part in one of TFA’s capacity building programmes. 

Organisations and festivals who will host placements will welcome talented professionals who will assist with ongoing projects and contribute their expertise. Meanwhile, participants of the Placements Initiative will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, enrich their skills and work within a dynamic environment. The main objective is to facilitate extensive co-operation, networking and career opportunities through global collaborations.

During the past year 2023, several Alumni from TFA have already participated in this exchange. Alumna Annalise Prodor from Canada: ‘My placement with the Festival der Regionen was an engaging journey into learning the joys and challenges of site-specific festival planning with a team of amazing and hard-working cultural producers!’

And as for the Hosts they are also really satisfied with the Placements that took place so far: ‘In her role as Assistant Production Manager, she contributed to the festival in various ways related to the overall implementation of the festival’. Proving that it is a veritable exchange of ideas, work and expertise.

The placements can take place online, in-person or follow a hybrid format, in order to increase applicants and organisations’ capacities to join this initiative. Additionally, the content and timing of the placements is open-ended, although practical experience in working with a festival’s production or artistic team is an essential element of these placements. 

The placements are expected to take place between May and November 2024. 

Find out more information and apply to be a host here (deadline 29 February).