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The Festival Academy enables and facilitates a global inclusive conversation and critical reflection between festival managers worldwide from different art disciplines, origins, generations and social backgrounds on the role that arts, culture and more particularly festivals, can play in a fast changing world.

Your support will ensure that The Festival Academy continues to provide these opportunities for festival managers – multiplying the impact of the performing arts in communities around the world by supporting the very professionals who have dedicated their careers to it.

Moreover, your support will  enable The Festival Academy to invest in future developments with the following priorities

  1. Strengthening its alumni community and global network, 
  2. Bursaries for new participants of less resourced and underprivileged regions, 
  3. Development of new activities in new regions
  4. Development of an incubator fund for innovative artistic collaborations

The results and the use of this fund will be presented on our website. 

How you can support us

All support to The Festival Academy will be communicated.


Contact: Inge Ceustermans 

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