“Young” in the Atelier’s title refers first of all to the festival managers being “young in the festival business”. The 35 participants from 20 countries who participated in Chiang Mai represent a broad diversity of cultural and professional backgrounds – from students in arts management, to young managers working for large established organisations, to emerging curators running their own innovative international festivals. They all shared the desire to implement excellent artistic festivals.

Diversity as a key element

35 young festival managers from 20 countries – Argentina, Australia, Canada,  France, India, Maylasia, The Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK amongst others – attended the Atelier Chiang Mai 2016. Together they  enriched each other with their own stories and cultural reality.

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The Atelier is a working space especially designed for festival operators:

  •  dealing with one or more artistic disciplines within a festival
  •  having a basic practical knowledge in festival operation
  •  demonstrating the ambition to deepen their skills in the field of programming or in a department closely related to it (e.g. communication, production...)
  •  proving alternatively that a study course (already completed or due to be completed) is in line with the Atelier
  •  giving evidence of his/her ambition to work in the festival business

35 young festival makers from across the world were selected to participate. 

Daniel Kieft, participant Atelier Chiang Mai 2017

(...) This really appealed to me and defines what a festival in my opinion should aim for; a conversation with someone I wouldn’t normally speak with. It’s exactly what this Atelier, and especially today’s programme, is all about. A sincere interest in the other. We are really lucky that so many people, and not only from Western countries, came to Chiang Mai. I’m sure this is the start of a global network which a lot of artists, festivals and institutions will benefit from.