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Atelier Düsseldorf is calling you to challenge your ideas and practices during a global conversation with a variety of creative minds on the role of arts festivals in today’s society. Are you craving to reflect on curating, sustainability, digital opportunities, accessibility, audiences and communities, festivals as agents for social change and much more? Then don't miss the chance to apply for the 17th edition of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers.

Ateliers are contagious

Are you eager to exchange ideas with a diverse group of creative minds coming from all over the world, to become part of a festival makers’ global community now counting more than 650 festival leaders and to meet up with both emerging and expert festival leaders, cultural activists and artists to critically reflect for 7 days on the role of festivals in today’s world?

Apply now for the Atelier Düsseldorf by 18 August 2019!