Host and co-organiser of the Atelier Gothenburg, supporting participants

Kultur i Väst

Kultur i Väst forms one of Region Västra Götaland's cultural administrations, where 1,7 million people live in 49 municipalities and Göteborg is the capital. Their work is commissioned by the Cultural Affairs Committee. In order to achieve their goals, we work together with municipalities, authorities and organisations on cultural issues. The foundation of it all is to increase awareness of the role of culture and reinforce culture in society. They create conditions for a stronger cultural landscape by providing venues, practices, knowledge and skills. 

You can find out more about Kultur i Vast here

The Atelier Gothenburg is organised in collaboration with Sweden Festivals, supporting participants

Sweden Festivals

The association Sweden Festivals is a membership organisation for arts festivals in Sweden. It is committed to the development of the festival format and its position in Swedish cultural life. They are a collective member of the European Festivals Association. 

You can find out more about Sweden Festivals here.

Supporting participants

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)

AFAC envisions a thriving Arab art and cultural scene, one that is confident in its expression, open to dialogue, accessible to all and sustained locally by committed patrons. Two fundamental principles guide AFAC's mode of work: transparency in the grant giving process and independence through a diversity of funding sources.

You can find out more about AFAC here

Arts Council Korea

It is a state funded‚ nonprofit organization. The main aim of the Council is to make the arts more central to the lives of the Korean citizens by supporting arts organizations and artists in and abroad through grant-giving services and programs. 

You can find out more about Arts Council Korea here

Swedish Arts Council

The Swedish Arts Council is a public authority under the Swedish Ministry of Culture whose task is to promote cultural development and access, based on the national cultural policy objectives. The Council achieves this by allocating and monitoring state funding, alongside other promotional activities.

You can find more about Swedish Arts Council here.