NEW DATES: 14 - 20 August 2020! In partnership with Bayimba Festival and Foundation, the Festival Academy is inviting 35 emerging festival managers to meet with expert festival leaders, artists and cultural activists for the 18th edition of Atelier for Young Festival Managers that will take place in Kampala/Uganda between 14 - 20 August 2020. This way participants will have the opportonity to attend Bayimba festival starting on 20 August. The call for application is open until 15 October!

Call for applications is now open!

Do you want to become part of a festival makers’ global community now counting more than 650 festival leaders? 

Are you a critical thinker who wants to meet up with both emerging and expert festival leaders, cultural activists and artists to reflect for 7 days on the role of festivals in today’s world? Then just come and ‘do’ it at Atelier Kampala 2020!  

Apply here by 30 November 2019!

Faisal Kiwewa, Executive Director Bayimba Foundation - Uganda

The concept of having young arts and festival managers from around the world in one space - learning, sharing and discussing about their festivals and working jointly on future initiatives - is a great opportunity Bayimba will bring to East Africa in partnership with The Festival Academy.