Host & City

Poznań is located in the west of Poland at the Warta river, halfway between Berlin and Warsaw. The capital of the Wielkopolska province is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Malta Festival Poznań presents some of the most interesting contemporary cultural phenomena from all over the world and co-produces theatre shows. The programme combines disciplines, media and high and popular culture.


The historical city is known for its high quality of life. Poznań is also one of the largest Polish centres of trade, technology, education, tourism and culture. Next to many historical buildings, there are museums, an opera house and a musical theatre. Furthermore, it hosts numerous cultural events and is home to many independent theatre groups, offering an enriching environment for participants and lecturers to be immersed in. 

Newsweek reported in April 2013

"Why ‘Malta’ doesn’t age? Because for 23 years it has been changing constantly. At present, it is the biggest interdisciplinary festival of performing arts in Poland, comprising theatre, music, dance, film and visual arts."


The Malta Festival Poznań was first established as the International Theatre Festival Malta in 1991. Today, it is a melting pot of traditions, themes and forms during which the audience can enjoy concerts of international stars, experimental shows, small projects throughout the city, round-the-clock life of the festival club, but also discussions with philosophers, sociologists and literary scholars. Trying to understand the contemporary world through the arts is the motto of this festival, born in a Poland where significant socio-political transformations were taking place. The Malta Festival Poznań has developed throughout the years, always opening up to new ways of thinking theatre and hosting the most prominent artists, as well as defining new theatrical languages.