It's all about the participants!

Different aspects were dealt with during the training:

  • How to include new and old technologies in our communication strategy and audience involvement, reaching new audiences, minorities, people with less access and how to make them feel art is for them, feel they belong and welcome at our programmes, performances and spaces? 
  • How to develop a sustainable relation with the - existing - audience?
  • How can new technologies contribute to the festival experience and generate new audiences? 
  • How do they help to portray the identity/image of your festival?
  • What are the tools we can use? 
  • How to use social media? 
  • How to look in a new way at storytelling, communication?
  • How to position your festival within the vast offer worldwide?
  • What are the marketing strategies from other fields of actions as business companies, foundations, etc.?
  • How does life experience and mouth-to-mouth relate to these new technological opportunities?

Some topics were further defined by the issues and challenges participants were concerned with.