Santarcangelo Festival builds a temporary community of artists, citizens and spectators, who gather around contemporary performing arts. It is the oldest Italian festival dedicated to the contemporary performing arts in Italy and one of the most significant in the European context of theatre and dance. A tight relation between the city and the commitment to the arts led to its foundation in 1971. 

Since 2012, the association’s activities unfold continuously throughout the year, organising gatherings and events aimed at nurturing the local theatrical culture by hosting artists in residencies and curating projects designed for the local audience. Then in the summer, the festival explodes for ten days in July, intensely for the artists’ presence, creations, performances, seminars, workshops, meeting places.


This mediaeval town is on the Via Emilia, 10 km north of Rimini and 20 km south of Cesena. Santarcangelo is 13 km from the coast and the beaches of north Rimini and Bellaria Igea Marina. There are lots of reasons why it’s worth discovering Santarcangelo - its strong local identity and the atmosphere of a large village where life follows a subdued pace, the architectural beauty of its elegant buildings, village houses, narrow streets and small squares, which have garnered it the title of art city and the international events and village fetes that bring it to life with their wonderful flavours.

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