Programme & Participants

A group of 11 participants, from 10 different nationalities, having started with Module I in 2016, 2017 and 2018, wil gather in Santarcangelo, Italy, 23-25 November for Module III, the concluding module of the Festival Production Management Training, organised in partnership with Santarcangelo Festival. Participants will exchange on their experiences gained in Modules I (introductory session) and II, the placements they did in festivals all over the world.

During the 3 days of the concluding Module III of the Festival Production Management Training, participants have the opportunity to be inspired, reflect upon their placements, the challenges faced, the skills learned, and work on those they wish to acquire still. 

The programme is facilitated by Roy Luxford, Programme Director Edinburgh International Festival who will guide participants, together with two mentors present throughout the training: Roberto Naccari - General Manager Santarcangelo Festival and Han Van Poucke - Head of Production Holland Festival. All experienced production and festival managers who will share their rich experiences. 

Furthermore the group will discover the behind the scenes of  Santarcangelo Festival, meet many guest speakers - festival organisers, curators and artists -, attend performances and visit remarkable venues and people working in the larger area to get an in-depth insight in the work within the Italian Festival 

You can find the detailed programme here and have look at the group of participants here

Upon finalising Module III, the training opens the door to The Festival Academy’s Alumni network, which counts today 585 young festival and productions managers from 80 countries worldwide. We invite all Alumni to engage actively in the future and to make the most out of it. Our previous trainings have proved to serve as a stepping stone for young leaders to grow in their careers, to extend their international networks and to start new collaborations – also thanks to the connections offered through the broader networks of The Festival Academy and EFA.