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ELEUSIS 2021, European Capital of Culture

Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture is responsible for the preparation and the implementation of the European Capital of Culture programme in Eleusis . It has been developed organically in preparation for the year 2021.

The creation of Eleusis, a laboratory arising from the link of Eleusis with Europe, constitutes the central concept of their programme. Eleusis and Europe meet at “eu” which, transcribed in greek, signifies the “good” in the deeper sense of the term. It describes the difference between “good luck” and “happiness” (eutyxia); between “elation” and “eu-phoria”. It signals the ability of goodness to fertilize the environment, develop and transform it, in the same way that art and culture transform and diversify the world. In essence, “eu” is the cellular element of art and culture. At this point in time, both Eleusis and Europe, face the challenge of reinstating the concept of “eu” in daily life and define a new model for sustainable development. Positioning arts and culture at the centre of all human activities, Eleusis cultivates the seed of Transition to a new era of prosperity, the era of EUphoria.

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Synikismos Festival

Synikismos Festival is a newly established annual project for the city of Eleusis and one of the main legacy programs of Eleusis 2021 European Capital of Culture. It is a contemporary performing arts festival where the philosophy, the core values and the methodology of Transition to Euphoria are crystallized, that is our effort to redefine the form and content of today’s public culture.

Thematically it focuses on urgent socio-political phenomena of our times, like the refugee and migration flows as an experience and memory, the rise of nationalism and racism, populism, the depreciation of politics and the lack of interest for the common, the nation-state crisis and the permeability of the national and transnational borders, our relationship towards the Others and the multiple understandings of diversity and the community.