Lecturers, guest speakers and moderator

We are delighted to introduce representatives from the Greek Festival Network, Ása Richardsdóttir (IETM - Iceland), Inge Ceustermans (The Festival Academy - Belgium) and the Readings' moderator, Mike Van Graan (African Cultural Policy Network - South Africa), as well as the lecturers: Tom Creed (Theatre & Opera Director, Festival curator, consultant - Ireland), Vallejo Gantner (Onassis Foundation New York - USA) and Monique Veaute (Chairman Fondazione Romaeuropa - arte e cultura Roma– Italy).

Tom Creed

Theatre and Opera Director, Festival curator and consultant  - Ireland 

Find out more about Tom Creed here

Vallejo Gantner

Artistic & Executive Director Onassis Foundation - USA 

Read more about Vallejo Gantner here.

Mike Van Graan

Founding President African Cultural Policy Network, South Africa

Find out more about Mike Van Graan here.

Monique Veaute

Chairman Fondazione Romaeuropa - arte e cultura, Rome - Italy

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Inge Ceustermans

Managing Director The Festival Academy (an initiative of the European Festivals Association) - Belgium

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Eriphili Gianakopoulou

Arts' circle, oper(o), Greek Festival Network - Greece 

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Mety Panagiotopoulou

Giortes Rokkas (Γιορτές Ρόκκας), Greek Festival Network - Greece

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Ása Richardsdóttir

Secretary General IETM - Iceland

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