The topics and issues addressed were based on the expectations and needs participants formulated in their application forms and on the context where the Atelier took place, as such each Atelier was different. All topics were discussed through a COVID-19 lens and how this year has transformed our organisations and perspectives.

The Atelier is about the participants!

Through the unique life-long learning programmes in the arts festivals context, The Festival Academy brought together an enormous variety of creative minds: individual actors to be upskilled and informed about the state of play of the world today by experts and through peer-to-peer learning, who were given a time out to reflect critically on the role of festivals in today’s world, infused by people of different backgrounds and perspectives to challenge and provoke our thinking or the way we do things. 

Have a look at questions and topics addressed at previous Ateliers to get inspired (non-exhaustive):

  • Different models of curating, focusing on building audiences/ communities, innovation, the impact of festivals, fundraising (beyond subventions) working with new technologies 
  • How festivals are/can be agents for social change and social cohesion
  • How and if festivals can contribute to strengthening (European or even Global) identities and values and tackle rising nationalism 
  • Fair international collaboration (and trade) including the Unesco 2005 Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions
  • Festivals and migrant/ refugees communities 
  • Hybrid festival making
  • Sustainable festival making on all levels
  • Freedom of expression and the relevance of artistic boycott
  • And, what are the burning questions and vision that move you in your ambition as a festival maker? What do you urgently want to discuss and share with your peers? 

You can find the full programme here (dated as of 15/06/2021).