Join the Festival Visit - Giortes Rokkas Festival in Greece

Join the Festival Visit - Giortes Rokkas Festival in Greece

Giortes Rokkas Festival and The Festival Academy invite Alumni to be part of the group that will come together for five days (17-22 August 2023) to study in depth the Giortes Rokkas Festival in the Greek island of Crete.

Giortes Rokkas is our first partner to explore this new activity format ‘Festival Visit’ that we are developing to investigate innovative organizational strategies and new ways of community engagement of festivals taking place in remote places and regions. 

Topics to explore and research during the visit

  • Models of small community development
  • Revitalizing strategies for rural regions vs. urban districts
  • Similar challenges and possible solutions for remote areas and cities
  • International exchange as a revitalizing method
  • Engagement with local communities and business
  • Art and festivals as tool of social change and democracy
  • Spaces of belonging
  • Connection of ‘common spaces’
  • Strengthening international relations between regions with similar challenges.

Led by the love, the solidarity and humanity of the community, Giortes Rokkas will inspire you and make you part of a supportive network of festivals, artists and human beings.

Find out more about the call and the festival here

Deadline to register: 14/06/2023