TFA Alumni: Register now to do placement in a festival in 2024!

Photo by Panagiotis Moschandreou

The Festival Academy  is excited to launch the 3rd Placements Open Call for Alumni, organized in collaboration with the European Festivals Association (EFA), with the aim of strengthening links between our festivals communities.

Through this open call, festivals makers and production officers from The Festival Academy's Alumni network are invited to apply as participants to have the opportunity to join a placement or traineeship with an established or emerging festival organisation.

The objective is to foster an exchange between EFA and TFAs global festival network and the Academy's Alumni community. Alumni applying for placements will have the opportunity to enrich your skills through hands-on experience and gain fresh insights on your working area, while host festival organizations will welcome take advantage of welcoming dynamic and passionate professionals who will assist with ongoing projects. The Placements Initiative aims to facilitate extensive co-operation, networking and career opportunities through  global collaborations.


  • Placements can take place online, in-person or have a hybrid format, depending on the organization's capacities.
  • The content and timing of the placements are open-ended but will offer practical experience in working with a festival's production or artistic team.
  • The minimum duration of the placement is one week, and depends on what is ideal for the host festival, or organisation, and will be agreed upon in an interview with the interested parties.

Placements available

We have prepared a booklet that presents a selection of 28 placements in 20 different countries of festivals and organisations that offered to host placements for this inspiring community.

Check all the opportunities available

Requirements for Alumni who would like to do a placement

  • Be members of The Festival Academy Alumni community, meaning that you have participated in at least one of our training programmes in the past.
  • Be in charge of covering the potential national or international travel costs to the placement or apply for external funding to cover these.
  • Review available placements within our Opportunities Booklet
  • Select the three preferred placements.
  • Fill in the application form. A CV and a motivation letter will be required. 
  • Send off the application!

Apply as a participant

This is an ongoing open call, registrations are open during all year round, either to apply as a host or as a participant. However, if you are an Alumni interested in doing a placement this year, we recommend to you to apply during March-April 2024. This is to facilitate the overall organization of the program and to reserve your spot, as there is a limited number of places available.

Testimonies from participants

"This was the first time that I worked within a festival of such grand scale and it made me understand the importance of a good working system, communication, and leadership. It also made me realize my weaknesses and motivated me to improve in my future work."

"I was able to expand my paradigms towards festival and event management. At the placement, I had the opportunity to learn from and know more Production Managers and artists around the world and also established connections that I believe would be mutually beneficial in the future."

"It was an eye-opening and highly rewarding experience."

... and it's also not too late to apply as a host organization

Read more about the initiative here. Please do not hesitate to contact The Festival Academy at should you have any additional questions.